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Any new garage doors or openers sold and installed by Premier are covered by a two part warranty. The first being Premiers own warranty which completely covers all parts and labor for a period of one year. Should any part fail due to a defect in material or labor, Premier shall correct the problem at no additional costs.

The second part of the warranty is covered by the manufacturer of the product. Most doors sold and installed by Premier are covered by a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty, however the extent of the coverage varies by model. This coverage begins one year following the initial installation date.

AFTER the first year, Premier shall provide replacements for any defective manufacturers parts in accordance with that manufacturers own warranty. This time period varies by manufacturer and part. Labor only charges will apply to these situations.


Any service work performed by Premier shall have a one year warranty period. Should any serviced part fail during this time, all labor and parts costs will be provided free of charge. The coverage will apply to only those parts that have been serviced and / or replaced, and of course paid for.

Upon service of any garage door, inspections are made to determine any obvious additonal items that may need attention. Naturally, we shall alert the customer to these observations and offer the needed remedy. Premier cannot however, always forsee future problems such as a broken spring or cable. Without obvious signs, these such issues are impossible to predict.

The warranty shall cover only those items that fail under the normal course of operation. It shall not cover any failure and or defect due to abuse, act of nature, or lack of recommended service.



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